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Where Buses Began for Andy


In post-war Britain - a Dinky toy was a treasured gift but for a child with his mind on the wider world, why there were ships, trains, 'planes and - double-decker buses.

(the one in the suit) was captivated by all forms of public transport but most of all by buses. Taking the bus to school was daily ritual as was driving village pathways powered by imagination, a round tea tray and a cut-out cereal box displaying destinations and route numbers.

His imaginary bus passengers would be taken from Reading to London's Victoria Coach Station on the prestige Thames Valley bus company's "A" service - all of 36 miles.

Dreams of an early age invariably evolve into reality and thus it was no surprise one day when Andy told his parents he was taking his first real passengers overland from London to Australia in an old converted van.

"At last," they declared, "just write home!" Happily, he wrote home plenty . . . and here is the story.

Dover October 1966

the first trip in the Austin van - Dover, October 1966

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