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The Recovery, Restoration and Repatriation of Albert


ALBERT - 36 years later in 2010 after being rescued from hippies and others who coveted the historical value, was back in Scotland with the same expert team that restored Albion No 1877 (pictured below in Glasgow).

The refit was back to the Aussie bus that made
4 trans-Australia crossings and 15 overland trips between India and Britain 1968-1976.

ALBERT's repatriation to Sydney set out from Glasgow 16th September 2012 but following withdrawal by key crew members the journey was terminated in the south of France.

The bus was driven back to England and then shipped direct Southampton to Fremantle with just four of the original crew members successfully bringing Albert into Sydney town as scheduled on 25th January 2013.

Yet another epic journey, but this time contrasting the grit of the true adventurer with the armchair dreamers who quit at the thought the going would be tough.

Albert, never in doubt, completed his last adventure in excellent and well proven running order, eventually being sold at auction in March 2014 to now reside in the small town of . . . . ALBERT . . . 2873 . . . NSW!

. . . the full story is soon to be published . . .

1877 in Glasgow in November 2009

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