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Silk Road Bus adventure through Central Asia

Silk Road Bus

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If . . . you are looking for the journey of a lifetime from Turkey through Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbeckistan, Kyrghistan and Kazakstan to China, why not consider this classic bus adventure? Our Spring 2018 departure will take you far beyond your imagination.

During centuries past the Silk Road evolved from dusty tracks into a busy trailway for camels and human traders who plied their wares across the landscapes of Central Asia between China and Europe leaving an historic culture which is largely unexperienced by today's western travellers.

In our high stress environment travel usually has only one objective, to get to the other end. This overland journey is born of the dream to experience this historic road in traditional style with like minded souls yearning to savour the values of the past.

Once again "Silk Road Bus" will take you back to a better time when making the journey was important but this time with the joy of additional off the track excursions to savour more of the Central Asia lifestyle, to rub shoulders, talk and visit ancient cities of such historical interest.

to be published here 15 November 2017

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