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Restoration in Scotland


Getting Albert back on the Road again

Yes, it was a very challenging three years restoring the old bus with as many ups and downs as a ride through the Turkish mountains, but No 2004 was back roaming Scotland's highlands and glens late summer 2012!

First stage was to recondition the chassis, engine and driveline. The lower deck floor was removed with all underfloor wiring and accessories which the passengers never see.

Next, the chassis was cleaned, treated, painted and re-assembled; main body bearers reconditioned and re-trussed to the outer frame and side panels, and the lower deck windows re-sealed.

The 6 cylinder Albion engine and gearbox were removed. Repair was necessary to an engine block split
(caused by ice during the intermediate years), otherwise it remained in remarkably good condition.

The rear axle, after years of grinding up and down Turkish mountains, the Kabul Gorge and Khyber Pass, was in amazingly good condition also. It was cleaned, re-oiled and re-sealed ready for more stirling work.

The lower deck saloon floor was renewed, seating compartments fitted, a gally with gas stove and running water and new this time, a Chart Room for maps, navigation and techno stuff. But - the champion of the World's Longest Bus Route did not bend to sat-nav gear!

Restoration stage two was the upper deck which included new flooring, insulation and wall panelling and construction of a new lowered roof! Internally two-tier sleeping bunks and a forward observation lounge.

Resplendent in new green and cream livery and with a distinctive red roof, reappearing again between the flags of Scotland and Australia was ALBERT's big bold name - understood and read - in any language!

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