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Overland years

There are those with bottle . . . and those without . . .

In 2012 there was a contract with a US film company to bring the reality of Albert's Asian Highway adventures to millions via the big screen.

However, plans were thwarted when two key members of Albert's Crew quit their posts three days prior to UK departure. A third member flew to Australia to co-ordinate disruption of the Sydney arrival.

It was an act of betrayal intended to thwart Albert's success through Central Asia and the welcome home at Sydney's 2013 Australia Day celebrations in Martin Place from where the bus had first departed in 1968, the invitation having been provided courtesy of the Premier's NSW Australia Day office.

Thanks to the grit and dedication of four of the original trip 16 team who invested further into the venture Albert was shipped to Fremantle and the final trans Nullarbor journey to Sydney completed.

The story of trip 16 is outlined elsewhere on this website with more detail in the Albert Story book to be published soon. Quitting was never ever an Albert option. The film will reveal all.

Meanwhile, Albert is well cared for in happy active retirement back home in Australia.

The Central Asia adventure will take place in 2020.

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