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Stories of Albert - have featured over the years in many newspaper articles, trade journals and magazines and, more recently following Albert's 16th and final journey UK to Australia, in social media and other obscure blogs.

Sometimes friendly but sometimes with facts distorted to present a particular story line better suited to the writer's questionable
intent. Never mind, truth will prevail in the second book soon to be published.


From 1968 until 1976 - for the first fifteen trips, Albert was a free-wheeling fun-loving inspiration of the time. Honesty, open-ness and adventure came from the air that we breathed. Trust was supreme, difficulties overcome with resolve and good spirit. The ultimate trip remembered with joy.

In 2012 - when Albert set off on his final trip to Sydney after a gap of 36 years, the electronic age with it's slick communication had arrived; social media's instant grab for self opinion had taken root; truth became of less importance than effect. Some articles about Albert's resilience and character were patently untrue.


There will be two authorised books about Albert


The first book - already in print, is available here via this website.

The original manuscript of
"Highroad for Oz" was written in 1974 but lay undiscovered for thirty five years until after the author's passing.

"A great little adventure for young people of all ages" the book reflects on one particular overland journey in 1972 and was finally published in March 2010.


The second book - "The Albert Story" covers the extraordinary life spanning almost seventy years from construction in Scotland to city service in Sydney, then passes the time when most buses are scrapped to tell of the amazing round-world adventures across three continents until today when, still in fine fettle, Albert remains a popular attraction in the small Australian township of Albert - NSW 2873!

Only a bus story you may say, but a journey back to an age when you could adventure the world armed only with innocence, faith, honesty and a broad smile, a story we believe you will never forget!


Albert - always true

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