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. . . and the passion for travel . . .

Andrew was an entrepreneurial adventurer from childhood.

Born of Scottish ancestry, his mother worked for the clandestine wartime BBC radio listening post in Evesham, a more multi-cultured place hard to imagine, leaving him immersed in worldly ideas before he could walk.

Schooled all over Britain in the wake of whatever regional destination to which the BBC had despatched his mother, the wider world soon became Andrew's natural home.

Earning his first pay packet as junior clerk at Thomas Cook's London HQ (1959) then advancing to airline work, his natural niche with people and places quickly evolved doing holiday work delivering winter heating oil to the poor in London and summer ice cream to tourists visiting the clipper ship Cutty Sark at Greenwich, meridian of world time. There, the clock was set!

Witness and survivor of a calamatous air show accident at Farnborough aged ten (1952) he pursued his passion to go to Australia avoiding aeroplane travel by driving overland through Europe, the Middle East and India to Sydney where, two years later he bought Albert the bus.

Marriage and family blended into his overland life until the route through Iran was blocked by revolution leaving the bus, Albert, marooned in Britain for the next thirty-six years. Andrew and family started life anew in Australia (1982), establishing Barossa Travel in Nuriootpa, South Australia.

The Barossa Valley was a wonderful environment in which to work and raise a family and it was not long before the thriving travel agency was organising group tours worldwide once again, forcing Andrew to overcome his flying fear.

Specialising in overseas groups and ever determined to discover what happened to his old bus, he found Albert one day as a hippy home in Wales. Seven years later (2010) he bought the bus back for restoration and the longed for return home to home town Sydney.

. . . . . that's the story unfolding here . . .

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